Your safety and the security of your personal property are of the utmost concern to those of us who welcome you as our guest.  We urge you to take advantage of the following precautions:



Currently, COVID safety is a personal choice.  Masking is a personal preference choice.  However, the CDC advises that if you have COVID, you can spread the virus to others.  There are precautions you can take to prevent spreading the virus to others:  isolation, masking, and hand sanitizing.  Avoiding contact with isolation is used to separate people confirmed or suspected to be infected with COVID from those without COVID.  Our hotel provides hand sanitizing stations at several locations thoughout the property.



Do not leave money or valuables in your guestroom.  We provide safe-deposit boxes at the Front Desk, free of charge.  Under state law, the hotel is not responsible for loss unless articles have been secured properly in these boxes.



For additional security, use the deadbolt on your guestroom door.  These will prevent the door from being opened by a regular room key.  As an additional precaution, please secure the safety latch as well and place your do not disturb sign on the outside door handle.



Do not admit persons to your guestroom without first identifying them.  To see into the hall, use the viewer in your door.  Never sit in your guestroom with the door open and never invite strangers into your guestroom.  If there is any doubt about the person’s identity, please contact the Front Desk Staff at extension “0” on your guestroom phone.



Please safeguard your room key.  Do not leave it in your guestroom or in the door.  Do not give your room key to others.



Please familiarize yourself with the location of the nearest fire exit stairway.  In the unlikely event of a fire, please move quickly but calmly to the stairs and exit the hotel.  Report fire or smoke to our Front Desk Staff at extension “0” on your guestroom phone.



Do not leave valuables in your vehicle (laptops, radar detectors, telephones, etc., etc.)  Lock your vehicle when you leave it. Hotel is not responsible for theft of items left in your vehicle.



When returning to the hotel late in the evening, be sure to use the Main Entrance of the hotel. For your safety and the safety of others, do not prop open hallways doors or back entrances to the hotel.  Before leaving your guestroom or going to sleep, check the windows and doors to ensure they are properly secured.



Always look around before entering large parking lots or venturing onto the grounds.  If you notice someone or something suspicious, do not continue into that area.  Return to your guestroom or use a house phone to alert the Hotel Management.  We will be happy to provide you with an escort.

FIRE SAFETY (or Earthquake, or other emergency):

Planning ahead is your key to safety in the event of a fire or other emergency.

  1. Read the escape plan posted in your guestroom.
  2. If there is any indication of a fire, immediately call our Front Desk Staff at extension “0”.  Give your name, guestroom number, and a brief description of the situation.
  3. Determine an outdoor spot for everyone in your party to meet.
  4. Feel the door with the palm of your hand.  If the door or knob is warm, do not open it.
  5. If the door is not warm, drop to your knees and slowly open the door, but be ready to close it quickly if smoke is present.  If the hallway is clear, proceed to the nearest exit.  Take your room key with you and close the door behind you.  Do not use the elevator.
  6. Do not stand upright, but crawl or keep low to the floor to avoid smoke and odorless carbon monoxide.  
  7. Stay on the same side of the hall as you exit, counting the number of doors to the exit.
  8. When you reach an exit, walk quickly but cautiously down the stairs, holding onto the handrail as you go.  If you encounter smoke, do not try to pass through it.  Turn around and proceed to a smoke-free corridor and cross the building to an alternate exit.  Never use the elevator.
  9. If you are unable to leave your guestroom, call our Front Desk Staff at extension “0” or the Fire department by dialing 9 + 911.
  10. If there is fire outside the window, pull the drapes off the wall and move everything that is flammable away from the window.
  11. Do not jump from your guestroom under any circumstances.  Continue to protect yourself from the fire and signal from your window for help.