Greener World

All of the staff at Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Carpinteria are committed to our environmental stewardship and involved in the green movement of sustainability. We have and are taking steps to try to reduce our impact on the environment, preserve resources for the future, and prevent pollution. 


What We Have Done and Are Doing:

  • Installed 522 solar electric panels on carports built in our parking lots and our solar panels are producing nearly 75% of the electricity used by the hotel over the course of a year.
  • Installed LED lighting in all studio suites and throughout the hotel
  • Installed low flow toilets in all bathrooms
  • Installed water efficient sink fixtures
  • Installed low flow shower heads in all showers
  • We use paper products for the breakfast bar so waste can be recycled
  • All studio suites have recycling cans
  • Recycling cans have also been placed in the parking lot
  • Our laundry and housekeeping departments use environmentally friendly products for cleaning
  • Installed four electric vehicle charging stations
  • We participate in the Towel and Linen Re-Use Program
  • Studio suites have double pane windows and insulated doors
  • Housekeepers turn off all lights and hotel owned electrical devices when leaving guest rooms


What Guests Can Do to Help:

  • Turn off lights, appliances, and personal electronics when not in use or when leaving a room
  • Draw the blackout blinds during peak sunshine hours, especially if your studio suite receives sun all day
  • Be sure all faucets are completely off when not in use
  • Utilize the recycle bins in your studio suite for all plastic, glass, or metal waste
  • Report any maintenance issues such as leaking faucets, showers, bathtubs, or toilets to the front desk so we can address the problem promptly.


Thank you for helping Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Carpinteria keep our planet “greener.”


Solar Power on Car Ports

Guests can help reduce their own carbon footprint when they travel by choosing hotels that generate their electricity from alternative sources (such as solar, wind, hydroelectric) rather than the burning of fossil fuels.  Our solar system is rated to reduce the carbon footprint  as relates to electricity by about 75%.  An added benefit for our hotel guests is they can park their cars under our solar car ports.  In addition, we offer four electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on site (we do not offer "rapid charging" stations).  Our EV charging stations are free for registered hotel guests.  (Travelers who need an EV Charger but who are NOT hotel guests may use our chargers for a fee.  Inquire at the hotel front desk for EV Charger access and cost.)

Solar panel array atop car ports

Solar power greatly reduces our hotel's carbon footprint.  Burning fossil fuels to create electricity releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  Carbon dioxide is a "greenhouse gas" and contributes to climate change.  By generating most of the electricity needed by our hotel from our solar arrays, we reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.  Green plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing the greenhouse gases.  Our solar system is estimated to replace enough fossil fuel generated electricity to be the equivalent of planting about five thousand trees!